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About Us

New Zealand Steel is now able to offer our customers the ability to conduct order related enquiries on our entire portfolio of steel products, order tracking and order status. Initially, this site will focus on NZ Steel's customers in New Zealand.

Easier, Faster, and More Cost Efficient

The details of our entire product range are now available on the web by using this site. You'll see significant cost savings straight away in the storage and maintenance of data. Reconciling records or moving documents (for example, eliminating fax and mail costs) will be faster, easier and more cost efficient. We're offering unprecedented levels of service and up-to-date, downloadable information. Available 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week, this includes:

NZ Steel Connect

Of course NZ Steel Connect is just another part of our service offer to you. We will continue to provide quality brands and products, unparalleled technical support and on-going commitment. And as we further develop our on-line trading capability, we'd like to work closely with you to maximize the results. Being involved now will ensure you receive the benefits of greater flexibility and cost efficiencies. Steel at your fingertips.